Replica Ballon Bleu de Cartier W69009Z3 1:1 Best Edition V9 Factory Silver Dial Swiss ETA9015


  • Factory V9 Factory
  • Brand Cartier
  • Range Ballon Bleu
  • Model W69009Z3
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement Swiss ETA9015 Automatic Movement
  • Case Size 42mm


V9 factory Cartier 18K package gold and blue balloon room gold upgrade version (upgrade place: 1, the precious metal stamp on the back of the head grain has been changed from the laser process to the same mechanical rolling process as the original, which is closer to the original and more textured; 2. The thickness is thickened from the previous 40 wire to 45 wire, the weight is heavier and the gold content is higher.), The outer layer of the gold part is 18K real gold, the thickness of 45 wire (0.45 mm), wrapped in the steel billet by mechanical rolling process, Instead of gold foil or gold plating on the market. Real materials, high-quality movements, details everywhere reflect the manufacturer’s sincerity. After getting bored with the gold log and gold water ghost, you can finally play the gold balloon with confidence, and you do n’t have to worry about discoloration anymore. Specific selling points:
1. The color will not be scratched: the thickness (0.4mm) of the package is really gold, it can really be scratched and does not fade, even if it is scratched deeply, the scratches exposed are also golden, and they are still the same after polishing. New, like real gold jewelry, scratches do not fade.
2. Original movement: the medium 33mm and the small 36mm are directly equipped with the same movement 076 as the original (no extra calendar empty gear, only the winding and pointer adjustment gear), 42mm large equipped with imported 9015 to change the original 1847 automatic mechanical movement. Note: 36mm and 33mm are also available with imported Japanese Seiko NH05 movements. The movements are also stable in price and more affordable.
3. The details are in place: the back of the scalp on the side of the strap is clearly visible with the dog head mark, the balance mark, the 750 precious metal mark and the brand mark. This is an important feature of Cartier’s official K gold model that is different from the steel model. The golden particles on the back of the strap have the same groove structure as the original instead of the ellipse. Although the cross-section of the golden beads of the strap will not touch, in order to prevent the flaws from appearing on the side, the manufacturer made it gold-plated, which looks more like solid golden particles.
4. Universal original: The case and strap are made with the original mold, which can be used with the original. The shell arc and workmanship are not lost at the original. The thickness of the original large, medium and small are 13mm, 12mm, 10mm in order, comfortable and visually elegant. natural.
5. Crystal head: the head is the same as the original kyanite, transparent blue, smooth and full under the light, non-plastic.
6. Top-level needles: literally beige and not snow-white original colors, the wavy pattern is clear and rank, Roman characters are filled with uniform thickness, quenched and burnt blue steel needles are non-plated, and the color is good and uniform.
7. Buy with confidence: Comes with V9 factory remote anti-counterfeiting system packaging, to prevent vendors from filling camouflage V9 factory, and buyers no longer have to worry about being pitted.
The V9 factory’s positioning is relatively friendly, and it is more concerned about the pocket interests of cousins. Try to produce the version that is closest to the original in one step, instead of letting you chase the money you spent from V1 to V10. , Can be described as a real Buddhist manufacturer.


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